MEDICARE INTERMEDIATE Each of the sections have video's numbered in order to give you an education in Medicare at the basic, intermediate , and advanced level

You will learn here:

  • How do Medicare parts ABCD work
  • What are the deductibles, copays, coinsurance in parts ABCD
  • What are the Skilled Nursing and Home Health Care benefits
  • How and when to enroll in Medicare ABCD
  • What types of Medicare Advantage plans are there
  • What do star ratings mean
  • What are special election periods
  • The who, what, why, and when of Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage
  • Low income and asset help with Medicare cost
  • A comparison of Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans

1) MMQ&APSI10 - How does Hospice care work in Part A Medicare?

2) MMQ&APSI11 - How does Medicare cover blood transfusions under Part A.

3) 2020 MMQ&APSI80 - How does the Skilled Nursing Care benefit work in Part A?

4) MMQ&APSI90 - How does the Home Health benefit work in Part A?

5) MMQ&APSI120 - How does Medicare Part B work?

6) MMQ&APSI130 - How do I enroll in Medicare Part A?

7) MMQ&APSI140 - How do I enroll in Medicare Part B?

8) MMQ&APSI - How does Medicare Part C work?

9) MMQ&APSI160 - Who is eligible for enrollment in Medicare?

10) MMQ&APSI170 - What types of Medicare Advantage plans are there?

11) MMQ&APSI180 - What are "Star" ratings for Medicare Advantage Plans?

12) MMQ&APSI190 - When can I enroll in a Medicare Part C Medicare Advantage Plan?

13) MMQ&APSI200 - What is the initial enrollment period?

14) MMQ&APSI210 - What are Special Enrollment Periods?

15) MMQ&APSI220 - How does Medicare Part D work?

16) MMQ&APSI230 - Who is eligible for Part D Medicare?

17) MMQ&APSI240 - What are this year's annual benefits for Medicare Part D?

18) MMQ&APSI250 - What happens when I reach the coverage gap or "doughnut hole"?

19) MMQ&APSI260 - How long does a person stay in the coverage gap or "doughnut hole"?

20) MMQ&APSI270 - Are there higher premiums charged on Medicare Part D like there are when you have Medicare Part B?

21) MMQ&APAI280 - Who is eligible for these assistance programs?

22) MMQ&APSI290 - Is there help for people with low incomes and assets with Medicare costs?

23) MMQ&APSI300 - What are the differences between a Medicare Advantage Plan and a Medicare Supplement or "Gap" plan?

24) MMQ&APSI310 - What is Medicare Supplement or "Gap" Plan?

25) MMQ&APSI320 - How do VA benefits and Medicare work together?

26) MMQ&APSI330 - Can I submit my deductibles, coinsurance and copays from my VA plan into Medicare for reimbursement?

27) MMQ&APSI340 - I'm over 65 and still working. I received my Medicare Part A card. How does my Medicare work with my employer plan?

28) MMQ&APSI350 - How does Medicare cover me when I'm in the hospital under "observation"?

29) MMQ&APSI360 - What kind of coverage does Medicare provide when I travel outside the United States?

30) MMQ&APSI370 - Do Medicare Advantage plans offer Dental or Vision coverage?

31) MMQ&APSI380 - Is there a Part D prescription Drug Plan that does not contain the coverage gap or "doughnut hole"?