MEDICARE INTERMEDIATE Each of the sections have video's numbered in order to give you an education in Medicare at the basic, intermediate , and advanced level

You will learn here:

  • How do Medicare parts ABCD work
  • What are the deductibles, copays, coinsurance in parts ABCD
  • What are the Skilled Nursing and Home Health Care benefits
  • How and when to enroll in Medicare ABCD
  • What types of Medicare Advantage plans are there
  • What do star ratings mean
  • What are special election periods
  • The who, what, why, and when of Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage
  • Low income and asset help with Medicare cost
  • A comparison of Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans

1) How does Medicare Part A work?

2) How does the Skilled Nursing Care benefit work in Part A?

3) How does the Home Health Care benefit work in Part A?

4) How does Hospice Care work in Part A Medicare?

5) How does Part A handle Blood transfusions?

6) How does Medicare Part B work?

7) How do I enroll in Medicare Part A?

8) How do I enroll in Medicare Part B

9) How does Medicare Part C work?

10) Who is eligible for enrollment in Medicare Part C?

11) What types of Medicare Advantage Plans are available?

12) What are star ratings for Medicare Advantage plans?

13) When can I enroll in a Medicare Part C Medicare Advantage Plan?

14) What is The Initial Enrollment Period?

15) What are Special Election Periods?

16) How Does Medicare Part D Work?

17) Who is eligible for Medicare Part D and when can a person enroll?

18) How do the limits work with Medicare Part D?

19) What are this year's annual benefits for Medicare Part D?

20) What happens when I reach the coverage gap or "Doughnut Hole"?

21) How long does a person stay in the coverage gap or "doughnut hole"?

22) Are there higher premiums charged to individuals who have higher income like Part B?

23) Who is eligible for these assistance programs?

24) Is there help for people with low incomes and assets with Medicare costs?

25) What are the differences between a Medicare Advantage Plan and a Medicare Supplement or "Gap" Plan?